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Ralph Rubio Ralph Rubio

February 9, 2006
Hilltop High School
Chula Vista, CA
Air Time: 10pm ET/7pm PT on C-SPAN2
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Hilltop High School
555 Claire Avenue
Chula Vista, CA
Hilltop High School, recognized as a 1996 California Distinguished School, possesses a fine tradition of academic excellence and "Lancer Pride."

Our outstanding Foreign Language and Global Studies (FLAGS) Program has received Specialized Secondary School recognition and helps to broaden learning experiences for students and staff members.

Our School-to-Career Programs, Travel and Tourism Academy, Music Technology, and Televideo, are enhanced with grant funds and prepare students for the world of work ranging from entry level careers to those requiring post secondary degrees. This year, staff members in the Art, Music Technology, and Televideo departments will design and implement the new School of Animation, integrating the arts and academics to expand career path options for Hilltop High School.

Not many college students can say they came back from spring break with a hunger to start their own business. But that's exactly what Ralph Rubio, Co-founder and Chairman of Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill did nearly twenty-five years ago.

Rubio couldn't get the amazing flavors of the fish tacos he tasted in the Baja Mexico village of San Felipe out of his mind. So several years later, with his father as his partner, he opened a fish taco stand -- "Rubio's: The Home of the Fish Taco" in San Diego in 1983. From those humble beginnings Rubio has steered company growth into a 150+-unit restaurant chain offering a wide variety of Baja-inspired dishes to complement their world-famous fish tacos. Prior to founding Rubio's, Rubio was employed in restaurant management and in various other positions at the Old Spaghetti Factory, Hungry Hunter and Harbor House restaurant chains.

Rubio holds a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from San Diego State University and has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Rubio also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Bishop's School where his two children, Ryan and Danielle attend, as well as the Monarch School Board, and the finance council of the Catholic Archdiocese of San Diego. Ralph, his wife Dione and their two children reside in La Jolla.

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