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Nancy GibbsNancy Gibbs
May 18, 2004
City Hall Academy
Manhattan, NY
Air Times: May 19 at 6am ET on C-SPAN2
May 25 at 6pm ET on C-SPAN
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Nancy Gibbs was named a senior editor of TIME in October 1991, chief political writer in 1996, and Editor-at-Large in 2002.

She first came to TIME in 1985, assigned originally to the International section. In 1988 she became a feature writer, whose award-winning cover stories include "The Right to Die", "Teens, Sex and Value" and "The Columbine Tapes".

After moving to the Nation section, Gibbs wrote more than 20 cover stories on the 1996 and 2000 presidential campaigns, and in 1998, helped lead TIME’s coverage of the impeachment drama.

A native New Yorker, Gibbs graduated in 1982 from Yale, summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with honors in history. In 1984, she earned a degree in politics and philosophy from Oxford University, where she studied as a Marshall scholar. In 1993 she was named Ferris Professor at Princeton University, where she taught an advanced writing seminar on Politics and the Press.

She currently lives in Westchester with her husband and two young daughters.

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