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New Dorp High School
May 20, 2004
Curtis Sliwa, Guardian Angels, Founder & President

From the web site of New Dorp High School:
Founded in 1921, New Dorp High School is a comprehensive, four-year public high school. New Dorp is located in Staten Island, a residential borough of New York City. A neighborhood high school, we attract students who reside within its zoned boundaries. Student enrollment is approximately 1800, with a senior class of approximately 330 students. New Dorp students represent a variety of racial, ethnic and economic groups who interact in an atmosphere of cooperation. This diverse population consists of 5% Asian/Pacific Islander; 20% Black (non-Hispanic); 15% Hispanic; 60% White (non-Hispanic). Additionally, New Dorp has a full time faculty of 165 teachers. The vast majority hold advanced degrees. Many serve as instructors at local colleges.

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