Students & Leaders, New York City 2004
Sponsored by C-SPAN and Time Warner 
Photo Descriptions
Event Speaker: Rep. Gregory Meeks
Date: Monday, May 17

Photo 1:  Brian Lamb (C-SPAN Chairman & CEO); Howard Szarfarc (President, Time Warner Cable of New York and New Jersey); Farisha Mohammad (Richmond Hill High School senior); Rep. Gregory Meeks (Congressman D-6th District) and Deborah Jackson (Richmond Hill High School teacher.)  Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris. 

Photo 2:  Richmond Hill High School students and their teacher (end right) welcomed Rep. Gregory Meeks (Congressman D-6th District), guest speaker at C-SPAN and Time Warner Cable’s Students and Leaders event.  Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris.

Photo 3:  Farisha Mohammad earned applause from Rep. Gregory Meeks following her introduction. Farisha is a senior at Richmond Hill High School who will be attending Brandeis University this fall.  Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris.

Photo 4:  Rep. Meeks enjoyed a tour of the C-SPAN bus outside Richmond High School. Behind Mr. Meeks is Howard Szarfarc (President, Time Warner Cable, NYC & NJ) and Harriet Novet (VP, Public Affairs, TWC of NY & NJ.)  Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris.