Students & Leaders, New York City 2004
Sponsored by C-SPAN and Time Warner 
Photo Descriptions
Event Speaker: Nancy Gibbs
Date: Tuesday, May 18

Photo 1:   Guest speaker Nancy Gibbs continued her dialogue with City Hall Academy students following the taping of the C-SPAN Students & Leaders event.  Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris.  

Photo 2:  Nancy Gibbs (Editor-at-Large, Time), fielded questions from students at City Hall Academy. Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris.  

Photo 3:  Time Magazine Editor-at-Large, Nancy Gibbs, spoke at the City Hall Academy in Manhattan as part of the C-SPAN and Time Warner sponsored series, Students & Leaders, New York City 2004.  Photo by Shahar Azran/Polaris.