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Students & Leaders Lesson Plans

Through Students & Leaders, you will explore lessons on leadership and public service. In the following features you can study lessons on leadership from various people in public life using video segments from C-SPAN's online archives. As you learn about leaders and the issues they face consider the following questions: Who are leaders? What makes a person a good leader? Is leadership a job, a role, a perspective, or something else?

As you engage in these activities about leadership an important related concept is the common good.  This is the idea that people have commonly shared interests.  Examples of these interests may be things like liberty, prosperity, and justice. This concept is often accompanied by the notion that leaders should act with the goal of making things better for everyone. The challenge of striving to meet the common good in practice is that it may mean many different things to different people.

Leadership & Public Service
Reflect on quotations from public servants throughout history and today; then evaluate and rank the qualities of an effective leader.

Get a glimpse of how lawmakers draw on leadership skills and principles using these clips.

Watch these video clips featuring journalists discussing the ways that leadership plays a critical role in their field.


Additional Resources

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