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If you would like to speak directly with a member of C-SPAN's Education department you can contact us by:

Sending an email to: educate@c-span.org

Calling between 9:00am - 6:00pm ET at: 202-737-3220

Free Teacher Resources

C-SPAN Classroom is a web site for social studies teachers and includes many wonderful free resources including:

Downloadable and searchable video: Immediately usable video clips for your social studies classes. A fully searchable database of C-SPAN video clips, with many available for download.

Standards-based content: Video clips and discussion questions are linked to national standards, copyright-cleared for classroom use, and include primary source materials. New video clips are added regularly, and are searchable by keyword, speaker, or teaching concept.

On the site you'll find short clips of C-SPAN video organized by six major topic areas based on national and selected state standards:

  • Principles of Government
  • U.S. Constitution
  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Political Participation

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